Sinota Odu, the One and Only, there will be no other. Beautifully Spirited, High Energy, Big Hearted, Soulfully Silly, Mean Stance with a Sharp Mind! Hailing in at 5’6 139 pounds, Mocho Choco Oh So Smooooth Exclusive! MzOdu that Nigerian Crazy, Sexy, Cool. POW!

I heard about the Tommy Taylor Show from a mutual friend. I enjoy laughing and being silly so I checked out the site and I loved it! Thought Tommy was hilarious and I loved the idea of providing comedy without the standard cursing.
I auditioned and BAM! Here I Am.

Now I have the chance to work with some really funny and amazing Spirits who are just as silly and as crazy as I am. I want to just create laughter while expressing that humor/positivity can be found in any situation. I’ll just takes things as they come and see where I go from here. Laughter is a Wonder and Comfort to the Soul, I’m just happy to be a part of that.