My name is SINGLE, but you can just call me Sabrina. I have multiple personalities and I sometimes go to my own little world but that’s okay because they know me there.


Besides being from Alexandria, Virginia, accomplishing a BS in Computer Science and now working as a Computer Engineer, Patent Examiner, I have two kids…well Yorkies (Jada and Will). I like to call them celeb pups! While others are exercising, I enjoy exercising my left and right hand to my mouth eating. I also enjoy, smiling, laughing, joking, flirting, dancing, music, sports…I could go on…cooking, relaxing, singing, vacationing…ok enough about that. I am one of the original Tommy Girls and I adore being a part of the show.


Over the years of being a Tommy Girl and working with such great cast members I’ve learned working with others toward a common vision, allowed us common people to attain uncommon results, “The Tommy Taylor Show!” My motto: “If they don’t know your dreams, then they can’t shoot them down”….Follow me on twitter @Sabrina5681