About The Tommy Taylor Show

What is The Tommy Taylor Show?

The Tommy Taylor Show is an original and innovative homegrown sketch-comedy television show filmed in-and-around the nations capital Washington, DC.

The Show

The Tommy Taylor Show currently airs on over 1.3 million homes in DC, MD, and Va. The show features a diverse array of very talented local actors and comedians, and is based on the comedy of actor and comedian Tommy Taylor Jr.

Original Music – 3rd Side Productions

We have partnered with 3rd Side Productions to bring all original music to the show! Led by Rob Sharp, Drew Wesley along with our Music Director, Snuhgie Stocks (who is also a recording artist/musician/producer and plays six instruments) they have brought a fresh new sound to the show. Their experience and full service, state of the art studio has been a great asset to The Tommy Taylor Show!


TTS Achievements

• DC Arts and Humanities Grant Award Recipient (2009-2010)
• Featured in FORTUNE Small Business Magazine
• Content featured on YAHOO! Video reaching the day’s top hit count
• 1st Annual Viewer’s Choice Award Winner (DCTV)
• Profiled in European documentary “African American’s in Television” (ARTE Network)
• Featured Partners with Brightcove.com, Veoh.com and Knocka.Tv
• Online content averaged 100,000 hits a month
• Syndicated our online media player to several major Internet sites:
o Videoifi.com, BadBoyXchange.com (of BadBoy Entertainment), and others.

Air Dates

DCTV – Washington, DC – Channel 95 (Comcast) | Channel 10 (Verizon Fios)
AIM – Arlington, VA – Channel 69 (Comcast) | Channel 38 (Verizon Fios)
Thursdays @ 8:30pm
Saturdays @ 8:00pm
PGTV – PG County, MD – Channel 76 (Comcast) | Channel 42 (Verizon)
Wednesdays @ 9pm
MCTV – Montgomery Co., MD – Channel 19 (RCN, Verizon and Comcast)

This is not a remake of other comedy shows, but a completely original show with its own unique feel and style.
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